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Business Partners

Tarussa Riviera Project

Land sold/looking for co-investor/Project financing/Parity possession

Company-owner offers promising project for co-investments: creating a health resort in an eco-friendly picturesque place at the bank of Oka River. Site development and sale/leasing of mini-hotels, apartments, townhouses, SPA-centers, restaurants, leisure complexes, sport and engineering facilities.  


Surface of territory, including protected forest - 450 ha.

243 ha are offered for sale, they have private housing status (permitted height – up to 4 floors).

Partial sale and co-development are also possible.

Bonus: allocation of 2-10 ha free-of-charge in the nest locations for worthy projects.

Road construction has already started; land marking is partially performed.

Issues with gas and power supply are resolved.

Drilling of artesian wells is planned.

The project is to be implemented at the left bank of Oka River, between Tarussa and Aleksin towns in the area of Kolomnino and Levshino villages. A unique landscape allows expanding of the health resort planning to 5 km alongside Oka River.

  • 120 km from Moscow
  • 75 km from Kaluga
  • 22 km from Tarussa
  • 10 km from Aleksin
  • 5 km of own bank side of Oka River.

Current preliminary project estimation – USD 66 mln (phased development is possible) 

This project may bring 33% return in profit as a minimum on investments for investor/co-investor 

Concept of the project:

Creating full-scale tourist cluster, successful health resort maximum fitting the local landscape. 

The territory of the health resort is conceptually divided into several theme areas, each of them having access to water. All land plots will have unique concepts, individual architectural solutions and planning.

Public areas, organized beaches, piers, sport sites, tennis courts, jogging tracks, boating or yacht club and art-objects will be located alongside the river bank.  

Special attention will be paid to environment protection and conservation: up to 30 % of the territory will be allocated for park areas and leisure sites.  

When designing engineering facilities (gas reciprocating power plant, water well and water treatment facilities) the most stringent sanitary and environmental requirements are taken into account, only certified materials and equipment are used.

Address: 22/14, Smolensky Boulevard, Entrance 1, office 9, 119002, Moscow


Tel: +7 (495) 935-84-70; +7 (495) 935-84-69; +79255007447
WhatsApp: +7 (966) 046-15-47




Sukhinichi Industrial Facility

AZLK branch plant for sale: industrial, warehouse and office premises for your business.

Owner offers an industrial building with a land plot located at AZLK site for sale. The facility can be used both for launching a large-scale production project and for storage of goods.   The main industrial building (265 m x 292 m) with an area of 94,000 sq.m has crane pillars (capacity – up to 30 t). All technical documentation required for the facility revamping is available. An investor may cut costs by up to 60% as compared to a greenfield construction project.

  • Distance from Moscow ring road - 250 km
  • Distance from Kaluga - 90 km
  • Area of premises – 114,164 sq.m
  • Land plot – 45.34 ha
  • Gas – 1,247 m3
  • Power - 22 MW
  • Price – RUR 3,000 / sq.m

Main production building – 96,770 sq.m

Administrative building – 6,820 sq.m

Wood processing facility – 3,820 sq.m

Power unit – 1,513 sq.m

Arched structure of reinforced concrete - 948 sq.m

Two warehouses (wood processing products) - 1,840 sq.m

Oil warehouse - 570 sq.m

Vocation training school building – 2,382 sq.m


Address: Sukhinichi industrial facility is located at 53 Marchenko St., Sukhinichi, Kaluga Region. The land plot belongs to urban land category   


Tel.: +7 800 555 41 69



Freight Village Vorsino Multimodal Transport and Logistics Center

The project is implemented on the principle of public private partnership, namely, it is implemented by private investor, Freight Village Kaluga OJSC and by state and municipal partners represented by the Government of Kaluga Region, Corporation for Development of Kaluga Region OJSC and Administration of Borovsk District of Kaluga Region.

Freight Village Vorsino Multimodal Transport and Logistics Center is a pilot project aiming to create logistics infrastructure of new European format of ‘freight village’; concept of which was developed in 2012 with the assistance of German Freight Village Association (DGG – Deutschen GVZ-Gesellschaft, Bremen, Germany).

To date, the Project:

  • Is included in the general scheme of development of Moscow Railway Hub;
  • Is included in the list of key terminals for distribution of cargo flow from Moscow;
  • Is recognized as key point for withdrawal of cargo transport traffic from Moscow and Moscow Region.

Main characteristics of the Project:

  • 570 ha planned for  construction of transport and terminal infrastructure, storage complexes and industrial and production zones;
  • Implementation period of the project - 10 years.

Construction of the following facilities of logistics park has been already completed: railway cargo park, truck and container terminals, storage complex, and motor roads.

Current capacity of container terminal reached 350, 000 TEUs per year. It is planned to increase capacity up to 500, 000 TEUs per year. Total distance of dedicated rail lines exceeds 10, 000 m. Since 2013 a customs post has been operating at the territory of the complex.  

Transcontainer PJSC is a strategic partner in developing Vorsino Freight Village. The key idea is to create outside Moscow Ring Road a powerful distribution center, which would allow splitting container cargo flow now going to Moscow by rail into two flows: the one for Moscow customers and another one for customers located outside Moscow Ring Road.

Distribution Center of Pyaterochka retail chain (38,700 sq.m.) was opened in September 2015 on the basis of modern storage complex.

20-year contract for terminal logistics services was signed in June 2017 with Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH (KSS) international logistics company to provide services for polymer cargo of SIBUR Company. In order to create full-scale logistics hub, distribution center will be organized in the area adjoining container site; KSS Company acquired ownership of A-class cross-docking warehouse, with surface of 35, 600 sq.m.

Leading international companies: Total, Steel Paint, Flint Group, OMIA Ural and others have already placed their production sites in the industrial area.

Developed land of industrial purpose at the territory of Vorsino Freight Village is ready to host industrial enterprises of different industries.


Tel: 8 (495) 135-16-40


Production activity
LLC Kaluga Automation

LLC Kaluga Automation is a production company specializing in the manufacture of switchboard equipment and supplies of electrical products to construction sites and industrial facilities in Russia and abroad.

The products are manufactured in own areas applying advanced technologies, equipment and engineering solutions. The production is certified within partner relations by leading vendors of the Russian electrical market that ensures high and stable quality of our products and their full compliance with Russian and European standards.

Our products are demanded by:

  • industrial facilities: central switchboards (GRSHCH) up to 4,000 A, automatic transfer switches (AVR), power factor correction units (UKRM), distribution substations (RP), light panels (SHCHO), automation switchboards;
  • construction sites: Lead-in distributors (VRU), AVR, PR, SHCHO, storeyed distribution module devices (UERM);
  • power sector facilities: Geron-SCADA automation system for power plant steam units.

Prior to shipment to a customer, all products are checked by the quality control department and tested by our own electrical laboratory.

LLC Kaluga Automation performs comprehensive supplies of industrial equipment from leading manufacturers. The individual customer approach and ability to supply non-standard equipment allow covering the most versatile needs of our customers.

General Director of LLC Kaluga Automation - Mikhail Alexandrovich Lykov

Address: 249833 Kaluga Region, Kondrovo, Ordzhonikidze St., 23

Contacts:  tel. 8 (4842) 333-401, 400-289 (multichannel)


METRA research and production company was one of the first Russian companies to launch production of industrial  weighing equipment. Today it manufactures a wide range of weighing devices – weigh feeders, truck scales, railway truck scales, platform scales, and hopper scales, etc.  

The most modern equipment and innovative technologies are applied in the production process. The company also takes efficient quality control measures and ensures high reliability of its products. Metra NPP OOO quality management system complies with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.  The company offers a wide range of high precision electronic scales and weighing devices properly adapted for heavy industrial operations.

The weighing equipment is applied in many industries, namely food, meat processing, steel, mining, construction, chemical industries,  as well as in agriculture. Industrial scales are in high demand today, as such equipment allows to turn measurements into an automated high precision system process.

Metra NPP OOO operates in the market for 25 years. It always takes into consideration individual requirements of its customers and constantly improves  production processes. This ensures excellent performance of its products, which are as efficient as scales manufactured abroad. Metra products are offered at a price not higher than prices for similar products of world-leading manufacturers. 

Key business areas:

  • Heavy duty platform scales (loads from 6 kg to 3 t). The products may be operated in a wide range of temperatures and under high humidity conditions.  .
  • Electronic  highly robust heavy weight scales (3 – 50 t) designed for steel industry conditions.
  • Electronic truck scales for static truck weighting as well as for axis weighting in motion for trucks and  road trains.
  • Electronic railway truck scales for dynamic and static weighting of carriages and tank cars.
  • Weigh feeders (discreet and continuous operation).
  • Electronic conveyor scales (200 – 800 t per hour)
  • MICROSIM weigh measurement systems for static and dynamic weighting, for discreet and continuous feeding operation.
  • Installagtion, fine-tuning, preparation for inspection and metrological certification of electronic weighing equipment.
  • Specialized software  for weigh accounting and  weigh feeder operation management.

Address: 26 Krasnykh Zor St., Obninsk, Kaluga Region 249037, Russia


Tel..: +7 (484) 394-43-10, 394-10-03         



LLC Bosco Manufactories

On December 21, 2016, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Government of Kaluga Region and Bosco di Ciliegi Group to implement the investment project of constructing the Bosco Manufactories production complex in the region.

Under the agreement, construction of a garment factory was started in the Kaluga-South industrial park. The land plot area is 9.7 hectares.

The investment in the first project stage will exceed RUB 2 bln and the designed capacity will be reached within less than three years. Currently, design and survey works have been completed and construction operations are underway. It is planned to reached the designed capacity in 2021. The planned headcount of the garment factory will be 923 of highly skilled specialists. The total area of the factory will be 16,000 square meters with a unique production format.


Tel: +7 985  618 23 61


LLC Continental Kaluga

Continental AG is a leading producer of rubber products and automotive components in Germany. The company's history started in 1971 when Continental Caoutchoucund & Gutta-Perchacompany joint-stock company was established in Hanover to produce products of soft rubber, rubberized fabric, cast tires for carriages and bicycles. 

Products of the plant of Continental in Kaluga are supplied both to the Russian market and abroad. In 2015, the company began to export tires to the markets of Europe, Scandinavia, CIS and Asia. In 2016, the development of this area continues: in the spring of 2016, the plant successfully passed the SSS certification – in accordance with the Chinese System of Mandatory Product Certification. In August 2016, the company received the highest rating (Grade A) from Volkswagen following the audit for compliance with German quality process standard VDA6.3. The number of countries to which the products from Kaluga are supplied increased to 22 in 2016. In particular, tires made in Kaluga are supplied to China and Canada. 

The plant also cooperates with automakers: tires made in Kaluga are shipped to plants of AvtoVAZ, Ford, Renault, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Today, the company employs more than 1,000 people.


Design and construction
Ruukki Rus LLC

Ruukki Construction, leading supplier of frame structure solutions for construction, offers a comprehensive range of products and services, from design to installation, helping to promote activities of corporate clients, among them investors and construction companies. Ruukki Construction has around 2, 500 employees at 15 production facilities in Europe. Net sales were EURO 556 mln in 2016.

Ruukki Rus LLC is the Russian branch of the Company actively operating at construction market in the area of building industrial, storage, commercial and civil construction in Russia, Kazakhstan and in CIS countries. The Company specializes in design and manufacturing of complete frame structures made of light metal.

Main lines of activities:

Energy-efficient, time-saving structural construction solutions for commercial and industrial construction, and also for infrastructural foundations and infrastructural projects.

Product range of Ruukki Construction includes:

  • Tailor-made Ruukki complete frame structures and envelopes;
  • Spider-V® System (series buildings, width of span up to 24 m);
  • Condor® System (series buildings, width of span from 18 to 30 m);
  • Trasscon™ System (series buildings, width of span from 18 to 36 m);
  • Sandwich-panels;
  • Façade structures and roofing;
  • Cold-bent galvanized profiles;
  • Galvanized and painted profiled metal sheets.


Address: 100 km, Kiev Highway, Obninsk, 249030, Kaluga Region 

Tel.: 8-800-100-22-99





KESZ LLC is a construction and design contractor, a member of KESZ Holding Zrt., one of the largest construction holdings of Hungary, Central and Eastern Europe. The company was established over 35 years ago. Currently it employs over 1,500 people in different countries, including Russia.  

One of the company’s principal areas of business is the design and construction of production facilities. KESZ LLC offers the following services:

  1. Technical supervisor
  2. Primary engineering contractor
  3. General contractor
  4. Construction and installation works

In the recent years KESZ LLC has implemented a number of major integrated construction projects including Budapest international airport, Mercedes Benz automotive plant in
Kecskemet, complete reconstruction of  Kossuth Square and Hungarian Parliament building.

Global majors, including  Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Roshen, Cimbria, Metro, Hankook, Magna, Daimler, Denso, GЕ, Siemens, AstraZeneca, Kronospan, Samsung, Foxconn lay their trust in us.

KESZ has implemented a number of projects in Russia, including the following:

  • General engineering and construction contractor at  Magna Automotive component plant in Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Construction of an AstraZeneca pharmaceutical plant in Borovsk district, Kaluga Region.  
  • General engineering and construction contractor  and technical supervisor for the second stage of construction (expansion)/revamping project at  Magna Cosma International production facility No. 1 in Saint Petersburg.

KESZ offers a wide range of services on a turn-key basis, from design and construction works to start-up and commissioning.


Pavel Varfolomeev

Head of Sales Department | KESZ LLC

Bldg. 13, 8 Pravdy St., Moscow

T:  +7 495 780 55 50

F:  +7 495 780 55 60

M: +7 985 292 84 58

Finance and Audit
Soglasie Insurance Company

Soglasie Insurance Company has been successfully working in the Russian insurance market more than 25 years and has licenses for all key types of insurance and reinsurance. Soglasie is in the TOP-10 insurance companies of Russia. The regional network of Soglasie Insurance Company includes 320 business units in all federal districts of the country.

The company has been assigned reliability ratings of NRA, AKRA and RA Expert. The company has received the Award of Excellence from BusinessDrom agency at the level of A1– the highest quality of services.

In 2018, the premium of Soglasie amounted to RUB 29.9 bln and payments – RUB 16.6 bln.

Partners and clients of the company include industrial facilities, agricultural producers, small and medium business and budget organizations.

Address: Kaluga Region, Kaluga, Tsiolkovskogo St., 8


Tel: +7(4842)77-47-17,  77-47-27    



Vnesheconombank Group Vnesheconombank Group includes VEB’s subsidiaries whose activity is aimed at executing various provisions of the Federal Law “On the Bank for Development”.

Organizations included in Vnesheconombank Group act in the interests of making the Russian economy more competitive, diversifying it and encouraging investment activity.


Tel: +7 (910) 436 2779

       +7 (499) 951 5329





Sberbank Public Joint-Stock Company (PAO)

Sberbank was established on November 1, 1841. Currently it holds the leading position in the Russian banking sector controlling one third of the banking system of Russia. The bank is a source of income for each 150th Russian family. Sberbank holds 28.7% of all Russian banking assets (as of January 1, 2016) It is also the main creditor of the Russian economy. It holds 46% of individuals’ deposits, and provides 38.7% of loans to individuals and 32.2% of loans to legal entities.

Today Sberbank consists of 14 territorial banks and over 16,000 branches in 83 regions of the Russian Federation stretching over 11 time zones. Sberbank has over 110 million clients in the Russian Federation and about 11 million clients abroad. Kaluga branch is a division of Middle Russia Territorial Bank.  

Sberbank Middle Russia Territorial Bank operates in Moscow, Tula, Bryansk, Ryazan, Tver, Kaluga and Smolensk regions. The regions have an area of 310,000 sq. km. Over 14.6 million people live in the territory.  Sberbank Middle Russia Territorial Bank has 1,391 offices, including self-service and mobile offices. Sberbank Middle Russia Territorial Bank holds about 46.6 individuals’ accounts as well as about 176,000 accounts of legal entities. Its portfolio of loans provided to legal entities and entrepreneurs exceeded RUR 838 billion (over 385 billion to individuals) as of January 1, 2017.



Audit, evaluation, legal and tax consulting, accounting

Responsible person - Andrey Alexandrovich Moiseenkov

Competitive advantages:

  • availability of internal corporate standards;
  • development of own methods and methodologies;
  • positive image of the company;
  • skilled personnel;
  • the largest number of graduates among companies of the Kaluga Region;
  • internal quality control.

Limited Liability Company Elita Bank (LLC Elita Bank)

Competitive advantages:

  • LLC Elita Bank focuses on providing loans to small and medium businesses of Kaluga Region, as well as municipalities of Kaluga Region.
  • LLC Elita Bank provides loans to small and medium business entities, in particular, out of target resources of Joint-Stock Company Russian Bank for Support to Small and Medium Business. 


Biopharmaceuticals and medicine
Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk A/S global pharmaceutical company was established in 1923 in Denmark soon after insulin discovery by Canadian scientists in 1921.  Novo Nordisk  is a global leader in the market of diabetes treatment pharmaceuticals. Apart from that, it also holds leading positions in such areas as hemostasis management, growth hormone treatment and obesity treatment. Over 42,000 employees work in 77 company’s branches throughout the world. Novo Nordisk operates production facilities in 16 countries on five continents. The company supplies its products to more than 165 countries.

Today Novo Nordisk is the only company in Russia to offer the entire portfolio of modern insulins. Its top priority in Russia is to ensure better access to modern pharmaceuticals for Russian patients and to improve the quality of their life.   

Novo Nordisk production facility, an innovative plant manufacturing the entire range of modern insulins, was commissioned in Kaluga Region in 2015. This is a greenfield project. In 2017 a new shop producing FlexPen ® pre-filled insulin pens. The company also acquired a license from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation to produce finished dosage forms. In the second half of 2018 Novo Nordisk is to launch a full-cycle serial production of modern insulins, unique for the Russian market. Thus the company will get a status of a Russian manufacturer.  Novo Nordisk has invested over RUR 8 billion in its Russian production facilities.



Mir-Pharm Grouo (LLC Mir-Pharm, CJSC Obninsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company, LLC Life Sciences OCPC, LLC Mir-Pharm Kaluga) started is operations in Obninsk in 2001. Mir-Pharm Group of Companies specializes in production of pharmaceutical (chemical) substances and ready dosage forms used in various areas of medicine.



AstraZeneca is a global innovative biopharmaceutical company engaged in research, development and production of prescription medicines in such areas as oncology, cardiology, diabetes mellitus, respiratory, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, as well as neurology. The company operates in more than 100 countries. Millions of patients worldwide use its medicines.

Russia is one of top priority key markets for AstraZeneca. About 40 AstraZeneca medicines are registered in Russia and are permitted for use in the country. One of AstraZeneca Russia key objectives is to make a significant contribution in shaping innovative pharmaceutical industry in Russia.  

In 2008 AstraZeneca took a decision to implement an investment project in Russia. The project provided for construction of a production facility. The construction of a new plant began in 2011. It was supported by Kaluga Region Government and the Agency for Innovative Development of Kaluga Region.    

AstraZeneca pharmaceutical plant in Kaluga Region was commissioned on October 20, 2015. The company invested over US$ 224 million in its construction.  Serial production of medicines commenced in Q1 2016. In 2017 the company embarked on a process of preparation for full-cycle production. Apart from that it started technology transfer process to launch manufacturing of innovative medicines.  The plant design capacity is about 40 million packages (850 million pills per annum). It is to produce about 30 AstraZeneca medicines.

AstraZeneca Russian  production facility is being operated in line with GMP practices, applies lean production methods, complies with all applicable HSE regulations and ethical standards.   

AstraZeneca was among the first global pharmaceutical companies to conclude a special investment contract with the Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Government of Kaluga Region. The company is to additionally invest over RUR 1 billion in localized production of 10 medicines. Six  out of these ten medicines are unique for the Russian market.    

The company has established close business relations with the Russian medical and scientific community. It contributes to promotion of diagnostic methods in Russia.  For instance, AstraZeneca currently develops an oncology diagnostics platform in cooperation with its partners. The platform is to help increase the efficiency of treatment with the use of innovative AstraZeneca target medicines. The company holds many clinical and medical trials in Russia.  

AstraZeneca is a responsible employer. In January 2017 AstraZeneca pharmaceutical plant received Trust Certificate from Kaluga Region State  Labor  Inspectorate. In 2011-2017 AstraZeneca was named the Dream Employer by portal visitors.  

AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals limited liability company


Bldg.1 3 Begovaya St., 125284, Moscow


Transportation services

Transport and forwarding company

Motor freight transportation services (Russia and CIS countries). Owned and leased fleet (10-t - 30-t trucks (50 m3 - 120 m3)

We strive to build long-term partnership relations with customers. Our customers enjoy beneficial, convenient and reliable services!

  • Appropriate documentation / cargo insurance
  • Technical and transportation control
  • Timely delivery / flexible financial conditions

Contacts: / е-mail:

+7(4842) 57-91-77

4B Teatralnaya St., Kaluga


All-Russia Certification Center

  • Official partner
  • For 22 years in the market
  • Relevant authorizations for all types of products in the Customs Union.
  • Certificates are issues within tight time frame at reasonable price.

Mezhregiontrest certification center provides full range of certification and declaration services for products and services. It offers certificates meeting the requirements of Gosstandart, the Federal Customs Service,  Rospotrebnadzor, Rostekhnadzor, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry for Emergencies, ISO.

Mezhregiontrest also offers full range of services related to labor conditions special appraisal in line with Federal law No. 426-FZ of December 28, 2013 On Labor Conditions Special Appraisal.

Special appraisal of labor conditions for organizations, office personnel, work places’ assessment.

Contacts: / е-mail:

+7(4842) 57-91-77

4B Teatralnaya St., Kaluga

Gortransservice - transport services to people

Competitive advantages:  LLC Gortransservice works in the field of transport services to people in the municipal entity "City of Kaluga".

The company was established to solve socially important issues in the area of passenger transport and is the key competitor to private carriers. LLC Gortransservice has been working in the field of passenger transport since December 2006, but has already proven to be a reliable carrier.

This is evidenced by the feedback of passengers in which they express their gratitude to LLC Gortransservice for its high passenger service culture.

In addition to the gratitude of passengers, there is also a positive assessment of the city administration.

Responsible person:

Soslan Ruslanbekovich Takaev – Director 

(4842)55-63-13, 8-910-608-30-09


Telecommunications services
PJSC MegaFon

PJSC MegaFon is an integrated digital communication company holding the leading positions in the Russian and global telecom market.

We offer all types of telecom services to corporate customers: mobile, satellite, fixed line and secured communications; secured communication channels as well as extra services required for efficient business organization:

  • Virtual PBX service: an easy and efficient method to get access to smart telephony with a single multi-channel telephone number, voice response and other call processing functions.
  • Free 8-800 number helps increase the number of incoming calls, potential customers will be able to contact your company from mobile or fixed line phones for free.
  • MF.Target service: an opportunity to send advertising and information SMS/MMS messages to  a selected target audience  taking into consideration recipients’ location.
  • MultiFon - Business: economically efficient and multifunctional IP telephony.
  • Fleet control and Personnel control: online monitoring of vehicles’ and employees’ movements  


Ekaterina Yurieva, Sales Manager, Corporate Customers


Mobile: 8 930-846-40-40

21A Tulskaya St., Kaluga

Hotel industry
Hilton Garden Inn Kaluga Hotel

Hilton Garden Inn Kaluga is an idea place for businessmen and tourists. It is located near the historic center and the Oka River, in one of the oldests streets in the city.

The hotel has 134 rooms of four categories: Standard, Deluxe, Suite and Gagarin Apartment. All rooms meet international standards, have an elegant design, where you can use high-speed Internet, a mini-bar, work at an ergonomic table or relax in a comfortable bed.  The hotel also offers to guests its common lounge, 24-hour front desk, luggage storage, free secure parking,  fitness centre, guest laundry, 24-hour Pavillion Pantry mini-market and business center.

The Garden Grille & Bar restaurant for 80 seats serves European cuisine. Every day, the restaurant offers breakfast where guests can choose from a variety of buffet, lunch and a la carte dishes. 

For guests wishing to hold a business event, conference or banquet, there are 3 conference rooms and a seating area for coffee breaks. All rooms are equipped with advanced sound, mobile furniture, projection and presentation equipment.

Address: 248002, Kaluga, Saltykova-Shchedrina St., 34/2

Hotel Premium Gubernskaya

Comfortable location, convenient rooms and professional service – in modern industry of hospitality all these points have stopped being the key factors when a person chooses a hotel. They all are taken for granted nowadays. What can we offer to a guest who is not easily surprised? Hotel “Gubernskaya” offers exactly what one lacks when he/she is far from home – a real home-like atmosphere and coziness. It cannot be compared with anything, you just must feel it. Recalling Kaluga, you will necessarily have a desire to come back to the hotel “Gubernskaya”.

“Gubernskaya” hotel differs favorably from many other city hotels by its comfortable location: this is the closest hotel to the railway and bus stations of Kaluga. At the same time, the hotel is located within a good transport accessibility and near the historic centre of the city.

The indisputable advantage of the room stock is a large area of rooms (beginning with 38 square metres). There are 31 comfortable rooms of different categories: comfort, business, tween, studio, premium and luxury.

Each room features:

  • central conditioning
  • telephone
  • LCD TV
  • satellite TV
  • minibar
  • safe
  • -free Wi-Fi

-sanitary facility of the room is equipped with a shower cabin, lavatory bowl, bidet, hair-drier, there are dressing gowns, slippers and one-time cosmetics.

Breakfast is included into the room cost and is served by the time indicated by a guest when checking in. Breakfast can be either brought to the room or served at the restaurant.

The guests of the hotel can use the service “full rate” when they will. It includes breakfast and supper. Supper is served according to the menu, in the hall of the restaurant from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m.

Additional services of the hotel “Gubernskaya”

- lobby-bar

- conference room: the hall’s capacity is 50 people, the chairs arrangement is like in the theatre

- Restaurant “Gubernsky”: Russian and Europe kitchens, working time: from 6 p.m until 11 p.m

- 2 halls for professional Russian billiards

- free secured parking for auto transport.


Hotel “Gubernskaya”

248010, 8A bld., Televisionnaya str., Kaluga

Tel. (4842)50-00-05

Welcome to “Gubernskaya” hotel!

Legal services
LLC Atri Group KLG

The law firm LLC Antri Group KLG was established in August 2009.

 Field of activity:

  • migration law (migration audit, assistance in preparation of documents for foreign citizens for the right to stay and work);
  • corporate law (drafting, analysis and editing of business contracts and agreements, pre-trial settlement of disputes, preparation of statements of claim and other court documents, representation in court, participation in negotiations with third parties);
  • employment law (drafting of employment contracts, job descriptions and other consulting services);


Kaluga, Suvorova St., 121, office 422,, tel: 8 (4842) 7777 47.

General matters: E-mail:

Cooperation matters: E-mail: Galina Anatolievna Karnafel – General DIrector of Atri Group KLG.

Efficiently defending interests of its clients, the law firm Antri Group KLG contributes to creating favorable conditions for business activities in Russia. 


A migration center was set up in Kaluga Region in 2015 to render assistance to migrants and employers engaging workforce from abroad. The center provides a comprehensive range of migration-related legal services. Apart from that, the center personnel provides consulting services in the course of preparation of documents to be submitted to Kaluga Region Department of Internal Affairs.  

The center is able to provide comprehensive services related to preparation of the following documents and implementation of the following procedures:  

  • Arrangement of a medical examination with a subsequent issue of a standard medical report (center employees may visit the customer, if required);
  • Translation of all types of documents (with notarization);
  • Drawing up of  voluntary  medical insurance policies (various types);
  • Obtaining of permits to employ personnel from abroad;
  • Dactyloscopy  registration;
  • Obtaining of work patents;
  • Registration/re-registration of migrants with authorities;
  • Consultations related to migration laws of the Russian Federation (center employees may visit the customer, if required);
  • Preparation of documents  to be submitted to Kaluga Region Department of Internal Affairs;
  • Photographing  (center employees may visit the customer, if required);
  • Copying and printing of documents (from an electronic media);
  • Testing (Russian language, Russian history, Russian legislation basics);
  • Issue of all documents  to be submitted to Kaluga Region Department of Internal Affairs;
  • Provision of a comprehensive range of migration-related services to foreigners coming to the Russian Federation;
  • All documents are prepared in strict compliance with the Russian legislation. 


59 Kievskoye Shosse, Obninsk,
Severnyi Mall

8 (484) 583-8-333        

Mo. – Fr.:  9:00 - 18:00
Break: 13:00 - 14:00  

Restaurants, bars, recreational
Pub-102 Beer Hall, European cuisine, cocktail bar

Working hours: 12:00 - 2:00

Average bill: 700 rubles.

main hall — 40
non-smoking hall — 36
terrace — 40

Business lunch: 12:00 - 17:00, discount - 30% (Friday-Saturday excl.)

Reservation: free (Friday-Saturday — RUR200)

Credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Cirrus/Maestro, AmEx, Union Card

Parking: unguarded.


Kirill Okunev

Tel: (4842) 561-891


Selection and training of staff
Center of Advanced Education of the Kaluga Region

A training company that offers training programs for all levels of personnel. It consults in management and commercial activities, as well as organizes project activities in the field of human resources development in the Kaluga Region.

Competitive advantages:

  • Comprehensive approach in the selection of educational programs;
  • Experience in creating a corporate training system;
  • A wide range of educational services:

   team building; trainings; consulting; coaching; language and professional internships;

  • Trainers-consultants with practical experience in management and business development;
  • Cooperation with major Russian and international training companies.

Responsible person - Anna Abramova


tel: +7 (4842) 59-11-37

fax: +7 (4842) 59-15-35

Kaluga, Lenina St., 74, 248001

Office furniture and equipment
Odissey Group

Business area:

  • Table tops, tables, window sills, sinks, wall panels, cabinet and kitchen furniture of laminate, artificial stone, wood.  

Competitive advantages:

  • German-made materials, components and equipment.
  • Prices for German-made doors are lower than that offered by domestic manufacturers!
  • Companies investing in industrial parks enjoy individual approach and flexible pricing!

Responsible person:  Dmitry Kuznetsov, Deputy Director General,    8-985-760-00-89     


Manufacturing/warehousing facility in Vorsino

Address: 7 Lyskina St., Vorsino, Borovsk District, Kaluga Region

Business hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-16:30

Closed on: Saturday, Sunday


Branded furniture showroom Odissey, Kaluga

Address: 3 Glagoleva St., Kaluga (Moskovskiy Mall, Hall No. 11)

Business hours: daily, 10:00-21:00

Health and Beauty Industry
Golden Section beauty clinic

Golden Section beauty clinic is one of the major high-tech and at the same time cozy clinics in Kaluga.

It was established in 1998 as a Center of Medical Cosmetology and Ophthalmology affiliated to Eye Micro-Surgery ISTC.

Since 2011 the clinic developed into independent Clinic of Esthetic Cosmetology shaping its image, expanding premises and totally upgrading its equipment. Golden Section beauty clinic made a step change as the only owner of Fraxel laser in Kaluga, which allows performing rejuvenation procedures at qualitatively higher safety level.

Dermato-cosmetology doctors, estheticians and massage therapists work in the clinic. The most advanced and well-recommended technologies are used in restoration of beauty and skin rejuvenation.  

The clinic is functionally divided into areas: medical cosmetology, esthetic care cosmetology, problem skin treatment, body shaping, spa and Ayurveda Indian massage.

Adress: 3rd Floor, 48/8, Plekhanov Street,Kaluga,Russia

Tel.: (4842) 57-86-24


There are contraindications, specialized medical consultation is needed.

Translate service
Mistral Translation Company LLC

Area of Business: translation services.

Competitive Advantages:

  • High quality of services;
  • Quick turnaround;
  • Vast experience in the field of services provision to global majors, knowledge of relevant corporate customer requirements;
  • Use of innovative project management tools;
  • Wide range of associated services;
  • Vast experience in the field of large scale and complex projects’ implementation;
  • Highly professional personnel.


Since 1998  – Airbus, KLM, Lufthansa/Lufthansa Cargo/Lufthansa Consulting, Raytheon,

Since 1999  – Alstom, Areva, BASF, Boeing, Criterion Catalyst, MCI/Verizon, Perstorp, Shell/Shell Global Solutions.

Since 2000  – Henkel, Thomson Reuters.

Since 2001  - Dow/Dow Corning, Europlan, Goodyear, Rottapharm,

Since 2002  - AIG (Chartis), Alitalia, Qatar Airways.

Since 2003  - Air France, Beicip-GeoTechnologies, Fuchs Oil, Logitech, MIL Overseas/Moneygram, Platformix, Toyota, Toshiba.

Since 2004  - ITW Performance Polymers, Klueber Lubrications , RaySono.

Since 2005  - EuroPetroleum Consultants, Ventech Engineers.

Since 2006  - Alstom Uniturbo, Austrian Airlines, Distree Events, Emirates, Frito Lay.

Since 2007  – Husqvarna, Pepsico, Wunderman.

Since 2008  – Albemarle, Etihad Airways, KBC, Rohm & Haas.

Since 2009  - CiV Life, Styron, Swiss.

Since 2010  – Ford.

Since 2011  – Magna.

Since 2014  - Ulrick & Short.

Since 2015  – Clariant.


Kirill Simkin, Director General

(499) 965-8183
(499) 965-8184

6 Pavlovskaya St., Moscow


Big Apple language school of Alean Professional Translation Center

Competitive advantages:

  • State system of testing in the Russian language for migrant workers for citizenship
  • Teaching foreign languages, including Russian as a foreign language
  • Adaptation program for foreigners
  • Education abroad

Regions of presence:

Moscow, Kaluga, Tula


Kaluga: 8 (4842) 222-111



Alean Center for Professional Translation

Competitive Advantages:

  • Quality translation to\from foreign languages  
  • Translation of personal documents. Notarization  
  • Interpreting
  • Union of Translators of Russia. Expert appraisal of translated materials.
  • Apostille

Regions of presence

Kaluga, Moscow, Tula


Volkswagen, Volvo, Magna, Lafarge, RPM Group, Kalugaputmash, PSMA Rus, Gazprom, Efes, Baltika, CornerTrader, Edwardson Equipment, Tula Power Supply Company, HeidelbergCement, Demidovskaya, Quadra, Kässbohrer, Lemken, BASF, Beta Tek Construction, HP Pelzer Group, Tula Polymer, Rosekspertiza Kaluga, Promtekhnokom, Tula Quality Management Center, Kirov Ceramics  


Kaluga: 8 (4842) 790 505, 57-86-67, 56-36-76