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PISCHEPROM became the first resident of Kondrovo territory of advanced social and economic development of the Kaluga Region


On September 2, PISCHEPROM officially obtained the resident status of the Kondrovo Territory of Advanced Social and Economic Development. The enterprise implements a project for the cultivation of sturgeon, trout, salads and greens at recirculating aquaculture system. Estimated investment is over 9 million rubles.

The project of PISCHEPROM OOO will be implemented on the basis of the existing brownfield industrial complex. The investment project involves the establishment of a high-tech fish farm supplying fresh fish and salads. The products will be manufactured for the Sontec Group restaurant chain. 

The full capacity production output is planned to be: 2 tons of sturgeon, 2 tons of trout and 12 tons of salad per year. The number of new jobs is 10. 

The production is based on the aquaponics techniques, which is a combined farming of fish and plants in a system with a recycling water supply without the use of the soil. Aquaponics systems have a number of advantages. Dissolved nutrient surplus is recovered by plants, thus reducing environmental emissions and extending the life of water without changing it. 

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