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About region

The Kaluga Region is a developed industrial and agrarian portion of Central Russia, a modern, prospective and comfortable region for businesses.


Brief historical background

  •  Ancient Mesolithic Age sites;
  •  XII: Feudal war between the descendants of Prince Oleg and Vladimir Monomakh; 
  •  XIV: Rampart of Moscow Principality;
  • 1480–1481: Great standoff on the Ugra River;
  •  ХVI – ХVII: Development of trade and crafts; 
  • 1654: Kaluga becomes an intermediary in the trade between Moscow and Ukraine. The first manufacturing facilities are established;
  • 1715: Negotiant Demidov builds the first iron foundry in Dugna;
  • 1719: Kaluga Province, a part of the Moscow government, is founded;
  • 1720: Cloth factory is built near Kaluga;
  • 1776: Kaluga Vicariate, covering the Kaluga and Tula governments, is founded;
  • 1796: Kaluga Vicariate is reorganized into a government;
  • 1944: The Kaluga Region is formed;
  • 1960 – 1970: The importance of the agrarian economic sector and the social development of rural areas is increased.

Cultural, tourist and recreational potential

During the last five years, the scope of services in the sphere of tourism increased 1.6 times. The flow of tourists into the region escalated two-fold, exceeding one million people in 2012. The tourist flow is expected to reach 2.4 mln people per year before 2016.

The tourist and recreational complex of the region is comprised of 65 enterprises:

  • A total of 48 hotels;
  • A total of 17 spa centres and guest houses. 


The four largest festival sites in the region include: 

  •  ETNOMIR in the Borovsk District (accommodating up to 20,000 people); 
  •  Vysokie Berega in the Ferzikovo District (up to 5,000 people);
  •  The Nikola-Lenivets Art Park in the Dzerzhinsk District (up to 5,000 people); 
  •  The Moto-Maloyaroslavets site in the Maloyaroslavets District (up to 30,000 people).

Unique townships –Tarusa, Borovsk, Maloyaroslavets, Obninsk.

Landmarks of the region include the State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics and the House-Museum of K.E. Tsiolkovsky, the Optina Monastery in Kozelks, the Monastery of Saint Tikhon, and the Borovsk Monastery of Saint Pafnutiy.

The Kaluga Region is a religious centre of the country, with ten functioning monasteries and approximately 200 churches.

Historical battlefields include the Ugra River, the Zhizdra River, Tarutino and Lyudinovo.

Ecotourism: Ugra National Park, containing 90% of the regional biological diversity, and approximately 300 objects of its cultural and historical heritage.


The list of industries

Main industries (more information)

  • Mechanical engineering and metal processing (75.9%); 
  • Food industry (9.1%); 
  • Timber processing complex (3.3%); 
  • Energy industry (3.2%).

Сlasters (more information):

  • automotive cluster;
  • metal cluster;
  • pharmaceutical claster;
  • transport and logistics claster;
  • agroindustrial claster;
  • IT cluster;
  • tourism cluster;
  • aerospace technology cluste;
  • building material;
  • education.

Regional investor support (more information)

Complex system of development institutes:

  • The Agency for the Regional Development of the Kaluga Region is an event manager and a centre for the development of state and private partnerships and the support of investment projects

          Tel.: +7 (4842) 27-99-90 (91); web-site:

  • The Representative Office of the Government of the Kaluga Region under the Government of the Russian Federation is an “embassy” of the region in Moscow.

          Tel.: +7 (499) 241-66-36

  • The Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaluga Region formulates the investment policies of the region.

          Address: 9 Voskresenskaya St., Kaluga 248001 

          Tel.: +7 (4842) 57-01-06, 59-93-81; e-mail:

  • The Corporation for the Development of the Kaluga Region is engaged in the construction of the industrial park infrastructure under investment agreements concluded between the investors, the government of the Kaluga Region and the corporation

          Tel.: +7 (4842) 79-04-10;

  •  Industrial Logistics is the main tool for the implementation of logistical projects in the territory of the region.  

           Tel.: +7 (4842) 22-49-64

  • Agency of Business Development state independent institution of the Kaluga Region is a subordinate organization operating under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Kaluga Region. Key Business Areas of the Agency:  support of business entities’ projects, support and promotion of small and medium-sized business, raisind awareness about the State support.
  • Public-Private Partnership Center  implementation of socially important public-private partnership projects and programs.

          Adress: Bldg.2, 41, Dzerzhinsky St., Kaluga, Russia, 248001  

          Tel.: +7 (4842) 27-99-90;  web-site:



Kaluga Region