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Region brand

The vast majority of modern people are familiar with the word “brand” and its meaning is more or less clear. We got used to a great number of product brands and service brands. And now the time has come for a new dimension of branding – the branding of territories. The word “territory” has a very wide meaning. It can be used to name cities and towns with various population density, as well as larger territories, such as districts, regions, states and countries. The objective of territorial branding (despite its complexity) remains the same – to stress out the differentiating features and competitive advantages.

Currently Kaluga Region is a brand which is in active development and shaping phase. It is based on the successful implementation of investment policy, which resulted in higher awareness of business circles about the region.

Like any other brand, the territory brand requires graphical presentation. A corporate identity and logo have been developed to present Kaluga Region territory brand. Their correct use is a prerequisite for the brand efficient promotion.

A whole system of inter-related corporate identity elements promotes a clear and unambiguous brand perception. There is a special brand manual which governs the graphical presentation and use of all the brand elements.

Region brand promotion is a complex process requiring active engagement of different organizations and persons. You may contact us any time to discuss issues associated with Kaluga Region brand and elements of its graphical presentation.